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Education Planning

The developments taking place in and the increasing complexity of the educational system nowadays have made educational planning an absolute necessity. Start planning for the future of your children.



Tertiary education is a joint investment by both parents (of their money) & children (of their time).However, this is easier said than done and takes lots of discussion and planning.


  • Often started saving for children education late & use low yielding savings tools which cannot match up with the rising education cost.

  • The perceived quality overseas education is getting out of reach with the depreciation of MYR.


  • Often don’t know what to study after SPM / O-level.

  • More graduates, who chose their studies based on parents’ wishes etc are abandoning them to do something else.

  • The employment scene is becoming competitive & unpredictable with the automation & artificial intelligent under Industrial Revolution 4.0.

This cause a big dilemma to parents on whether to take up loan near retirement age to

  • Fund their children overseas studies

  • Support their children in pursuing new direction, be it in switching course, starting a business.

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